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Scope of the Journal

The purpose of the Biochar Journal

is to provide relevant, cutting edge information and practical guidance showing how the use of biochar and other climate friendly techniques can not only boost economic and environmental resilience but also regenerate local, regional and global ecosystems.

We seek less to explain mere facts or individual research about biochar - which can be found in other venues  - but try to inspire cutting edge thinking on how biochar can be put to work, be it in agronomy or in sundry other new situations.  We seek to spark innovative research to find economically and environmentally responsible uses for biochar. We seek to bring scientific content to life in a manner that inspires academics and non-specialists alike to think, do and discover more with biochar.

Although we use certain elements common to scientific publications such as peer review and references, we do not aspire to be an academic journal. We use these standards as we want our readers to be confident that what is written in the Biochar Journal is based on sound science and practicality.  In the same way that we are not an academic publication, neither are we an industry journal although we hope that industry and entrepreneurial people find inspiration and ideas for new products and successful models for biochar deployment.

Areas of Focus

Agriculture, Biochar Production, Urban Planning, Livestock Farming, Forestry, Gardening, Brownfield and Habitat Remediation, Disaster Management, Composting, Product Development and more!

Market Need

The need for carbon intelligent solutions is growing increasingly urgent. Biochar is one of the key technologies for the new bio-based economy. Biochar will be one of the most important raw materials for sustainable building, electronics, consumer products, energy, health and agriculture. The Biochar Journal will shine a spotlight on these breakthrough technologies.


Our contributors are science journalists who have a profound background in biochar science, own practical experience with biochar, visionary ideas about carbon intelligent solutions and the ability to write concise, engaging content. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please contact us at

Nature of Content

• Research Summaries
• Best Practices
• Case Studies
• Conference Reports
• Interviews and Transcripts
• Opinion Papers/Vision Building
• Tips and "How-to" articles

Target Markets

• Farming
• Livestock
• Gardening
• Remediation
• Environmental Engineering
• Disaster Recovery
• Construction
• Advanced Materials
• Biochar Producers
• Pyrolysis and Gasification Equipment Manufacturers
• Bio-stimulants
• Biomass Energy
• Waste Management
• Food Processing

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