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the Biochar Journal is published by the Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence


Europe: Rue de l'Ancienne Eglise 9, CH-1974 Arbaz, Switzerland, phone: ++41 27 398.12.92
USA: 4159 East Lake Road, Canandaigua, NY 14424, USA




Kathleen Draper

After a decades long career in the consulting industry working on projects around the globe, Kathleen obtained a Masters in Managing for Sustainability and is now focused on designing closed loop systems which upcycle waste into value added, bio-beneficial products. She is heading the US branch of the Ithaka Institute running biochar projects with Cornell University and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Kathleen writes the famous Finger Lake Blog where plenty of biochar ideas were and are born. Her main interest and expertise is biochar product design and education.

Hans-Peter Schmidt

Hans-Peter initiated with his Mythopia vineyard the movement of carbon positive winegrowing with high biodiversity. He pioneered the use of biochar-substrates in winegrowing and established in 2007 the first biochar field trial in Europe. Subsequently, he founded the Ithaka Institute for carbon intelligence in Valais (Switzerland) developing concepts for the remediation of agro-ecosystems and carbon sequestration through agronomic methods. He is behind the concept of biochars cascading application in animal farming and developed biochar feed products for livestock, biochar manure treatment and bedding materials. He guided the development of the European Biochar Certificate (EBC). In 2012 he initiated the Carbon Intelligent City (CIC) project and started to create biochar based building materials like insulating plasters, light weight bricks and fire retardant panels.



Sofware System Design

Andy Behrendt: object4, Berlin (Germany)


the Biochar Journal is a publication of

Ithaka Institute for Carbon Strategies


Switzerland (international office)

Ancienne Eglise 9, CH-1974 Arbaz
phone ++41 27 398 12 92


4159 East Lake Road,
Canandaigua, NY 14424, USA


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